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The fight against non-biodegradable plastic is necessary and urgent. Residents of Bengaluru’s Whitefield have an innovative strategy to create awareness ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
Rescue in the Indian ocean re-affirms faith in humanity

Rescue In The Indian Ocean Re-Affirms Faith In Humanity

Rescue implies a response to a life-threatening incident or preventing injury in an unfortunate situation. A rescue effort could use ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
Truck containers help impart knowledge in rural India

Truck Containers Help Impart Knowledge In Rural India

The government and some private companies are trying to provide education to under privileged kids in rural India. Safeducate, a ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
A Karnataka Villager Builds a Bridge to Help Children Go to School

A Karnataka Villager Builds a Bridge to Help Children Go to School

It takes a deed not a degree to make the world a better place, which is what 32-year-old Balakrishna, from ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये

An ordinary boy is transforming agriculture in India

Indian farmers accounted for three lakh suicides between 1998 and 2018. In large cities, the suicides were discussed but soon ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
Help from amateur radio operators saves lives in Kerala catastrophe

Radio saving lives in Kerala catastrophe again

We are all aware about the floods in Kerala and how the state is struggling to deal with the calamity ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये

89-year-old Kerala Farmer Provides Books for Tribal Kids

CK Narayana Panicker academic struggles did not deter him from contributing to the printing cost of textbooks for tribal kids ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये

87-year-old Chennai woman inspires budding athletes

Imagine your grandparent or great-grandparent running laps, throwing shot puts and heavy discus! 87-year-old Daisy Victor has made the unthinkable ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये

Fighting the poison: How a tribe revolutionized snake bite treatment in India

The Irula Snake-cooperative has brought about a revolution in the treatment of snake-bites in India by producing enough anti-venom, thereby ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये

Cuddles for Cancer: A Mumbai based organization breaks the nexus between malnourishment and cancer

Tables are turning as the Mumbai-based organization has been supporting cancer patients with food and nutrition for the last seven ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये