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An Open Letter To My Fauji Father!

An Open Letter To My Fauji Father!

An Open Letter To My Fauji Father!

Abba. Papa. Baba. These words resonate with love, compassion, and support. And the echo is even louder when you are not around. It’s good being a military kid if you ask me. New places, new friends, new experiences. But, things would have been better with you. I know it must not have been easy for you as well, joining the army with a wife and child back at home. But, I know you love me; caring for me and comforting me in silence. Praying for my well-being, and kissing my picture every night before you go to sleep.

When I was little and saw soldiers in movies, I would be starry-eyed and thought of you in their place! You are my true Rambo! For what you did and are doing for the nation. I know I do not have the luxury of being with you all the time because you have a Mother who you have to take care of and who needs you more than I do. It fills me with pride whenever I tell someone that my Dad’s in the army.

joining the army with a wife and child
A Nation’s Son! Image: File Image

I remember the time from a few years ago when I was very ill. You were informed and even though I couldn’t talk, I asked Maa to keep the call on speaker so that I could at least hear your voice. Warm and caring, but firm – these words can perfectly describe you.

I’ve saved all the birthday cards that you’ve sent me, and I re-read them when I miss you. It makes me feel better, makes me feel as if you are with me. I just miss you Dad, on good days and bad.

If I was ever granted a wish, I would want to relive every happy, sad, lonely and exciting moment of my life with you. Moments you have missed, moments that have etched a special place in my heart. But you know what Dad? When I see you fulfill your duty towards our nation, without faltering, I cannot contain my happiness and it makes up for all these moments.

I know you have my back and I can confide in you when I feel vulnerable. On my graduation day, when I was on the stage, your claps were the loudest and your eyes were filled with heavy tears of joy.

I cannot complain nor ask for anything more. I know you are doing your duty and it comes above your family, and I respect that. I’m more than happy that I have a father like you, I love you!

With Love,

An Army Kid.

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