Want To Attain Peace In Life? Read This!

It is said that we get what we chase, but peace is an exception to this. For if we chase it, it just slips further away. Buddha has very simply explained out to find peace and let go of negativity. ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
Prayers will bring you Peace

Prayers will bring you Peace

Whenever you are stressed, remember and pray to the almighty, and you shall be at peace. Read on to know more. ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
Beginner’s guide to meditation

Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

The aim of meditation is to cultivate a peaceful state of mind and inculcate a sense of well-being. Awareness created ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये

Nobel Peace Prize Winners We Can All Look Up To This World Peace Day

International Day of Peace, or more commonly known as World Peace Day, is celebrated annually on 21st September, but do ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये
how to spread love and happiness


In 2016 and 2017, Chicago broke all homicide and shootout records. The story is no different in 2018, with the ...Read Moreऔर पढ़िये