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5-Minute Power Meditation For A Powerful Mind!

5-Minute Power Meditation For A Powerful Mind!

5-Minute Power Meditation For A Powerful Mind!

Every single person, be it a student, a house-wife, a worker or anyone else, is busy running around living each day as it comes. Amidst juggling things, we tend to forget the most important task  – focus on ourselves. It is absolutely pertinent to take out just 5 minutes from our busy schedule and meditate when we can. One good way to do this is by downloading a 5 minute meditation app, which can help us explore and connect with ourselves.

Meditation builds resilience and helps us relax. Even a short session of meditation can be a huge stress-buster. If you are new to meditation or short on time, you can take the help of an app, and one such app is

5 minute meditation app

How Can You Use A 5 Minute Meditation App?

Set aside time:

You can set a timer on your phone so that you can relax and not worry about meditating too long. Most meditation apps have an in-built timer which is very useful.

Relax your body:

Simply close your eyes and relax. Breathe deeply and let go of all the stress. You can also visualize the stress draining from you through your toes, escaping your body with every breath you give out.

Clear your mind:

While clearing your mind of thoughts, it is easier to focus on ‘being’ rather than ‘emptying’ your mind. Even if you can focus on how well you can meditate, then that will become your focus and meditation will be much easier. You do not have to empty your mind of any thoughts. Just learn to focus on any one point.

Keep Going:

Never give up. Keep on doing this for 5 minutes every day, and return to your day feeling relaxed and refreshed. If this is done regularly, you will feel your stress melt away just like that!

These kinds of 5-minute meditation app aim at providing you with some kind of mental relief from your hectic schedule. Consider it a power nap. See how it positively affects your relationships, your performance, your sleep, and your general health.

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