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Don’t Spoil Your Today, Worrying About Tomorrow!

Don’t Spoil Your Today, Worrying About Tomorrow!

Don't Spoil Your Today, Worrying About Tomorrow!

Worry! Worry! And some more worry! We are so loyal to this word, that in spite of repeated efforts, we still end up worrying about one thing or another. What we give away is happiness. Those priceless moments of happiness. Be it pupils, parents or professionals, everyone always has something they are stressing about. It is of utmost emergency that we learn how to not worry about anything! But how? Read on to know –

How To Not Worry About Anything And Live In The Present – 

Once there was a wise astrologer who whiled away his time star gazing and just worrying about the future. One day, as he was walking on the road and gazing at the stars, he thought he saw the end of the world! This triggered a lot of worrisome thoughts of the future. Completely lost in these thoughts, he kept walking absent-mindedly, and suddenly, he fell into a ditch full of muddy water! He shouted out for help and the villagers from the nearby huts ran to his rescue. They pulled him out. And pointed out that while constantly worrying about the future, he ‘drowned’ his present, himself!

how to not worry about anything
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Thinking about the future is essential, but not at the cost of today! We want our future to be bright and happy. But, worrying about it will not make it so. Be happy today and look forward to tomorrow. Embrace every day as it comes!

Think Right Tips – 

  • Stop worrying about hypothetical situations.
  • Don’t try to guess what is on someone else’s mind.
  • Stop thinking about what the world would say.
  • Meditate and keep your mind calm and free from worry.
  • Communicate. Think aloud and find another perspective on the matter.
  • Spend more time on the present.
  • What will be, will be!

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