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Sometimes ‘No’ Is The Kindest Word!

Sometimes ‘No’ Is The Kindest Word!

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Sometimes ‘No’ Is The Kindest Word!

Do you find it difficult to say ‘no’ to people? And feel that you might hurt them if you say so? Well, then there is something vital you need to learn – healthy boundaries. In our attempt to do others some good, we overlook our own goals! Here is one from the many moral stories on humanity, which shows how being a ‘yes man’ can be harmful!

One Of The Most Influential Moral Stories On Humanity:

There was a man, who used to take the train to work. One day he saw a homeless person and took pity on him. He gave him some change for the night. The next evening, he saw the same homeless person sitting at the same spot. This time, he gave him some food. The homeless guy thanked him for his kindness. The man asked him how he got to be homeless. The reply he got changed his life forever.

moral stories on humanity
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The homeless guy said that throughout his life he made sure he kept everyone happy. No matter what his troubles were, he always helped others. Never once did he make his own life a priority. People used him for their own means. And when he needed help, then no one was around. Not taking care of his own needs had brought him to the point of being homeless!

The man learned a lesson for life – it is good to help others, but don’t forget to help yourself too!

Think Right Tips:

  • This does not mean you shouldn’t help the needy, it is the most humane act one can do.
  • We must just learn where to draw the line.
  • Excess of anything is bad, even helping others.
  • Remember, it is not possible to keep everyone happy!

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