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Speak Your Heart Out – It Helps Fight Depression!

Speak Your Heart Out – It Helps Fight Depression!

Speak Your Heart Out - It Helps Fight Depression!

The human mind can be compared to a vast blank space. We fill up this space with our thoughts and emotions. The more we cram up and keep things to ourselves the more we fill our minds with thoughts no less than garbage. Pent up emotions are like rotten fruit. Consequently, they spoil everything around them. Uncovering repressed emotions is absolutely pivotal in all of our lives. Expressing our thoughts and emotions leave us feeling lighter and happier.

2 Reasons Why Uncovering Repressed Emotions Is Essential:

  • Information hub:

Emotions act as an information hub about the state of being of the person. Uncovering repressed emotions involve a lot of communicating. This communication conveys their mental state. Thereby, making it easy for people around them to provide assistance. This assistance may be that of a personal kind, or also professional.

uncovering repressed emotions
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  • High NED:

Low NED – Negative Emotional Differentiation, strengthens the link between stress and depression. Thereby, damaging a person’s psychological well-being. Depression rates climb when the NED is low. On the contrary, those who display high NED are better at managing their emotional behaviour. This reduces the likelihood of having negative emotions escalating to significant depression.

One would want to ensure that their NED is high. Communicating with your near and dear ones will help to boost NED. Speak up, you don’t have anything to lose!

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